Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To?      

When confronted with this question it can be uncomfortable for many people. The simple reason is they don’t see their life, their relationships, their work in the context of being placed on a pedestal - as someone who should be looked up to. After all they’re just going about their life in what they consider a normal way, not all that different from those around them.

In a work sense, they show up and do their best each day, every day. Perhaps from a purely personal perspective they have a higher sense of wanting to achieve but without beating the drum, without drawing attention. They see in all this a bigger vision for themselves. Something that drives them on and more times than not, causes them to step outside their comfort zone. Think Mother Teresa for example.

Yes, sometimes they fail to accomplish what it is they tackle, they make mistakes, they come off the rails but their attitude, their determination to find a way gets them back on board again. It’s rarely ever “game over” for these people.

And all of this is done in the backdrop of normality knowing the beneficiaries of their work will enjoy the benefits. More often than not they are unaware of the ripple effect taking place as their work, their standards, their ethics reach out to and impact people way beyond their immediate sphere of influence.

They are being seen in a completely different light as inspirational, as role models, as teachers, even as an authority in their field. They gain a following because people can relate to them, they’re seen as someone who can be trusted, relied upon to provide answers to the many unspoken questions in people’s minds. Unbeknown to them, they are a hero to many.

Of course there are others who have a specific agenda to be recognised as a leader in their particular field of endeavour. Who, through sheer hard work, persistence and creativity rise to the top in their field. Think Tony Robbins for example in the field of personal development. He is a fine example of the continuous application of unique knowledge to specific situations, often in the face of considerable opposition.

In each scenario then we have a hero impacting lives, changing lives, giving inspiration and direction. Each using their mix of natural talent and passion, the key to great results, high energy and never ending growth to help others achieve their goals. Each separately identifying their audience for whom they can bring about positive change.

So where do you fit in either of these scenarios?  Are you the Mother Teresa or the Tony Robbins in a particular sector of your industry?

Either way I’d suggest you are a hero to your clients because, as you know, they came to you needing change in their lives at that point in time. You entered their world like the white knight atop a steed and provided the solution, the advice, the strategy, whatever it was to bring about that change. 

And while you simply went about doing what you do best, providing answers and creating solutions, you truly became their hero. 

In reality of course, none of this happens overnight. To gain this reputation takes time and dedication to one’s value set. It means getting in there and doing the work, toughing it out at times when life becomes difficult, when obstacles abound. All growth happens at the edge or beyond your comfort zone. You can’t be a hero if you stay in that comfort zone.

As you guide your clients on the pathway to a better financial future, you are providing inspiration and direction. You’re showing leadership and giving them new capabilities enabling them to create a bigger and brighter future.

So who do you want to be a hero to? Really, you can’t help everyone so get specific. Is it the baby boomers, Gen X, young professionals, maybe young marrieds or trades people? Which group or groups are you best equipped to serve because of your wisdom, knowledge and experience?

So, instead of seeing yourself as a helper to your clients and prospective clients, rather position yourself now as a hero reaching out, impacting lives, making their dreams come alive; creating real value in your relationships with clients. And most of all - be what it is you present.

This post was prompted by the news today of David Bowie’s passing and remembers the lyrics in one of his (and my favourite) songs, Heroes – “We can be heroes just for one day”. Judging by his longevity in the music world, he was a hero to many - for more than just one day.